why do we let these moments define us?
to subtly affect how we see ourselves?
as if no one else messes up
and everyone is stronger than we

so if i peel back the layers
and reveal to you mine,
will you show me yours?

they may be vastly different
but see, they're both beautiful
pictures of mercy
images of grace
a doorway to open
forgiveness and love

it's never that easy
inside our minds
where humanity invades,


the reality that waits
is the simplicity of this:
that we pick ourselves up,
dust ourselves off,
embrace the gift in our failure,
and allow room to change.

we all make our choices
in moments of need
in stupidity or greed,
but this reflection is not
the depths of our character
or ourselves viewed in truth
this failed commentary
is not who we are

if we've fallen in this
the responsibility is ours
to help one another stand
confident and tall
and hand~in~hand walk
in this unashamed grace

it's not an excuse
it's not who you are
but you name your mistake
as the weakness it is
and don't give it the power
to define who you are.

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