Neverending Nonchalance

see eternity entranced
by a million mumbled moments
stolen under sordid sweet

where the wraith of weakened winter
wakes the weary water
lying love in languid loss

as moonlit music moans
and recall robs the reverie
of the spring in summer stilled

reflecting ruined reflex
and pondering poetic pools
of a thousand essential whys


Remember Your Thank You

It's waiting for Snoopy
to float down the street
or watching him deal plates
out like cards
making up name cards
with feathers and buckles
carefully penned in brown

It's hearing the tenor
of Scarborough Faire
watching my father
do his Thanksgiving dance
with the smells
of parsley,
of sage,
of rosemary,
of thyme.
as cranberries and orange peels
fall apart in the grinder
golden marshmallows melt
into cinnamon
and nutmeg

It's being too full
of turkey and family
and dealing the final cards
shrugging off questions
from Lake Wobegon
while flurries swirl outside



glass fragility
sun-weakened under shadows
cracking unnoticed

fused together here
in darkness bathed in moonlight
slowly eroding

always protected
stored safely here forgotten
fading nonetheless