There and Back Again

I'm sure that some of you have noticed (assuming there are even still followers out there at this point), that my blogging here has dropped significantly. It's been a rough summer to cap a very rough year and a half or so. The artistic muses have escaped from me again. Every once in a while I catch one and make him or her sing for me, but overall, the poetic fountain is running pretty dry right now.

I also realize that I put too much of myself out there to too many people, and have had my heart broken too many times recently by the people I thought I could trust. I've been warned by family and friends that some of the things I post on here are just too personal or too vulnerable. And while my intention for this blog is to reach out to others around me who are struggling as well with depression, stress, etc., somehow my blog has become seen as something written for the sole purpose of garnering sympathy or attention.

So, in between the actual busy-ness of several huge transitions in my life, and the fact that I've needed to guard privacy of both myself and others around me, I've become less frequent here. I've been posting more newsy type stuff on our family blog and less artsy stuff here. Someday I'll get back to the art. Right now, life is in the way.

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DarkMaiden said...

For what it's worth... I don't think anyone can say that somebody's personal blog is there to "garner sympathy or attention". I'm sick of all these people who make fun of or judge people based on things that are not even any of their business. For example: If an overweight or "ugly" person wants to go to the beach in a bikini and you don't like how she looks, LOOK AWAY! You're not being forced to stare at her and if she is secure enough to wear it then more power to her and maybe YOU need to look at your own insecurities!

Same goes for this... If someone else's personal feelings and expression bothers you, then LOOK AWAY! You're not being forced to read it or comment on it, and if the writer is mature enough to accept his/her own insecurities and pain and turn it into art (poetry, paintings, writings, whatever), then more power to them and maybe YOU need to open up and share your own self with others.

Sorry for the rant, Nean... But I hope you don't allow anyone to stifle your art or your heart just because they have nothing better to do than judge your intentions.