Smile After Play

Apparently, my love of words is contagious and I tend to call out the inner poets in others. As a passionate writer, poet, and editor (and former writing teacher), my friends occasionally find themselves caught up in the poetic frenzy in which I live and feel the need to try it out for themselves. When this happens, and the words spill onto the page (or computer screen), I encourage and share as I'm given freedom to do so. Please make comments and share the love for our fellow guest poets!

Today's guest poet is Sara Eiser. I met Sara through Twitter, and we have become good friends. She considers herself to be a non-fiction writer, but has recently been flirting with fiction and playing with poetry. Her passion for writing normally lies in the areas of social justice and equality. Her blog, The Covered Wagon, talks about her experiences being Jewish in a largely Christian area and her journey into becoming a doula, midwife, and "lactivist" out of her passion for women's health and her own pregnancy/birth experiences.

(Untitled 1)

they smile after playing
take what they need
want less
have coffee
and grow from the past
is it not why we love?

(Untitled 2)

I am not surrendering to my brain
I have nothing to give
when I can only see blackness
my head full of horrible focus

today let me fail you
let my fire get cold as death
inhale the ocean
suffocate on the future
and vanish


I'm more than happy to share beauty and passion with the world. If you are interested in sharing poetry or short fiction here, please comment below. (All comments are monitored before posting, so your request will be privately emailed to me.)


Brenda said...

Thanks for sharing your poetry Sara. They're both unique, and simple, but not in a bad way. In a beautiful, put it as it is way. I can sense you in that second piece with what you've been facing. Thank you for sharing.

Nean said...

As anyone who knows Sara can tell you, she is a very "put it as it is" sort of person. Part of what I love about her poetry is that while it is very brief and to the point, it is packed with images and emotion that is very raw and real. Her honesty and vulnerability astounds.