And Sometimes It Works...

Every once in a while I hit a block. Something where I need to write. I feel the burn of something deep inside, begging for the light of the computer screen. And sometimes I don't know where to start. 

So there's a game I created (or stole from somewhere ~ I truly couldn't tell you which), where I gather random words and phrases from people all over Twitter and Facebook and put them into some crazy semblance of a poem. Sometimes, it's utterly ridiculous. And sometimes it actually comes out with something remotely... semi-profound? You can decide which and tell me in the comments, if you wanna. 

I have linked the random words or phrases I've gathered to their originators, just for the sake of your curiosity and my faulty memory when I come back to this later and read it. Thanks to all who participated. It's fun and helps get the creativity flowing again.


as he stepped through 
the hole in the air 
he was Death

watching my dreams 
replay against a pitch 
black sky
of psychobabble

and begin to stare him down

pondering the enchantment
of a not-so-sexy fart
of course,
by this morning's breakfast:

one free-range egg,
rye toast
and bacon ~

my perception altered
on the splendiferous altar
of scrumschulescent ennui

he shakes his head,
knowing he's beaten by
the nonchalance 
I wield

it covers me,
begins to satisfy
as I wake again
to fight 
another day

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