A Bit Of Night Music...

So, here I sit in one of those rare moments where my house is asleep.  Hubby is uncharacteristically asleep before me and even the cat, who was having a psycho-moment of chasing something (hopefully just her tail) a bit ago, has settled down somewhere to sleep.  

I rarely get to see the night anymore.  I put the kids to bed, often slipping into my pjs at the same time (they're warm and comfy), settle in to relax for the evening and generally conk out within an hour.  I've always leaned slightly toward being a morning person in general, but the kids have made me even more so.  They are up with the sun (and sometimes before the sun), which means I am too.  And by the time they are finally in bed for the night, I'm done.

But there is something truly magical about the night.  It's almost like an entire world just waiting to be discovered...  Everything in the daylight is sharp and clear, but the night is full of blurred shadows and silhouettes.  So every once in a while I like to rediscover the night... and the magical silence (which I get so little of in waking hours) which accompanies it.

I was going through some of my old journals and came across a poem I wrote several years ago...  fresh out of college and in my "teaching" days (if you can call what I did that).  I'll share it here, because I can... I have no idea if it's good or not as I'm horribly out of practice in the poetry department, but here you go... just for you:

night music

she steals
   across the sunless room
   searching her lover
he is
   hiding his reality
   in his realm of hallucination
   otherwise known as
and she loves him more because of it

she seduces him
   in his real-less reality
   and enhances his nature with her own
they merge
   into a moment of magic
   where all things shimmer
   and the last glimmer
   of reality

but morning comes and life awakens
   leaving his lover alone

(28 may 1999)

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Not-so-Prime Minister said...

Love the poem, Nean! I know that experience, those feelings. :)