"Silly Moon!"

A couple years ago, my husband and I were driving home from a family evening out with our toddler son.  In the sky, directly in front of us hung a huge harvest moon.  "Oo, Buddy, look at the beautiful moon," my hubby pointed out.  Delighted babble and then hysterical laughter followed, emanating from our back seat for the next few minutes and the remainder of our trip home. 

This whole thing got me to thinking about the symbolism of the moon, particularly for women.  Aside from the obvious allusions to a woman's cycle, there's the beauty that hides in the darkness.  Although I do not have a degree in women's studies, and will never pretend to be an authority on all women everywhere, I know me.  I know my struggles with depression, bi-polar disorder, and anxiety.  I know the struggle of the stay-at-home mom who is dying inside for adult company.  I know the struggle of the work-outside-the-home mom who feels the guilt of not spending enough time with her family.  I know the struggle of accepting myself for who I am: mind, soul, spirit, AND body.

Some of the best pastors I've heard -- the ones able to truly hit the heart of the matter -- the ones who've been secretly reading my diary and receiving direct words for me -- have no seminary degree and/or little formal education or training.  What they have is experience, the ability to tell a story that applies to a broader topic or audience, and reflection on the world around them.  They know God, they know people, and they speak to both regularly...

I've pondered much in my life, not the least of which is how the rise of feminism has affected women and their self-concept, how they view God, their ability to deal with life and their place in the family.  The only thing that makes me an expert on feminism is the fact that I am a woman and I know women.  I've gone full circle from girliness and having a ton of girl-friends, to being just "one of the guys" -- hating girls and their general pettiness, and back again to a balance of valuing the woman I am and the women in my life.

I was captured by the sheer delight my child showed at the completely ordinary and mundane.  How in awe he was at something as simple as the moon shining brightly in the sky.  In the midst of the dark night surrounding him, he never ceases to find something to laugh at... usually the moon.

With that I offer my humble ruminations on feminism, my stories and ponderings from my life and experience.  This blog is for women and men alike.  If you don't personally struggle with these issues, I'm fairly certain that you know someone who does.  I propose that we share our secrets that hide in the dark and then learn to laugh together at the moon.

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