I was the wisest one
so many years ago
an expert in all of it

And then there was you

lost at sea in a sieve
bailing faster than sailing
and didn't even have a clue

Even once I'd met you

nothing more than a stranger
but your greeting negated
all certainty in me

Since I recognized you

I tried not to notice it then
and sometimes even now
those things I forget

The love found in you



The hubby and I were talking about how we've officially known each other for 15 years as of this July.  We celebrate 11 years of marriage this weekend.  While we don't always have the perfect relationship (show me who does), it seems funny to me to realize that 15 years ago I didn't even know him.  

The first time we met, we were both in love with other people, but there was a moment of recognition the second we met.  I knew he was important to me.  

He still is...

Happy Anniversary, Baby!  I love you!


Jeff said...

Yay! Love you, too! :D
(Think of this as simply a shorthand version of the most insightful, reasoned, and impassioned response possible for a man whose wife just posted a poem for him. Ahem.)

vickyb said...

I, for one, am incredibly happy you two found each other. God was smiling when he sent us all to the same place at the same time. Happy 11th to you both.