In Step with You

The bride of Christ is barefoot
with dirty feet
 worn rough

I long to take them in my hands
immersed in scented drops
 of spicy peppermint 
 and lavender-laced steam
and soak away her pain

to massage away the cares of the world
the stress that she maintains
from other people's pain
 the broken 
 the hurting...
from the miles she walks for those in need
 through stone
 and glass
 and searing heat...

to wash it all away...
to anoint her feet in jasmine oil
 glistening with lovely adoration
to soften the places hardened
 and draw feeling through the shell

to gloss her toes in heavenly hues
to encircle them in gold and silver
 and shimmering diamond iridescence
as through this broken
 time-hardened pain
restored to supple delicacy

Symbolic of the bride herself
 and the change her True Love brings.


1 comment:

Jason Kichline said...

This poem gives me chills by just how true that passion is. Our job should be to provide the bride of Christ. She is beautiful because of her pain. She is made beautiful because of the true love of God. Amazing!