The Colors of the Wind

My son's art lesson this week was on the use of colors in poetry. I was thrilled, and the song from Disney's Pocahontas kept playing in my mind (an environmentally/socially conscious poet's anthem*). I don't want my child to see the world in black and white. I want him to see all the colors in the wind and all the shades of grey in the rainbow.

In the poem he wrote, there are typical 6yo silliness, but there are also truths far beyond his years. I couldn't have been more proud. He loves playing with words and colors almost as much as his mommy does.

So, here is his color poem. I will leave spelling errors in tact, to preserve poetic (and 6yo) integrity.

Red on my bed,
Blue on my shoe,
Pink is the link,
Brown on my crown,
Green behind my lean,
White is the spite,
Yellow is the color of my jell-o,
Clear of my tear,
Black of my slack,
Tan in the pan,


* Side note: His science lesson was on recycling, pollution, and taking care of the planet. WIN!

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Reboloke said...

Very nice, Little Man!

And Yay, for mom raising a poet :-)