(cowritten by Nean and Susan)

The sunlight through the trees
with fractured light
spilled in dusty droplets

and the smoke rising
from the barbecue
like a wraith
casting her spell
of haunting visions
of fireflies dancing
in and through

is creating a strange
beautiful effect
in mysterious memories
of summer celebrants

wish I could capture it
in a jar
to keep it


twenty(or)something said...

I love this poem Nean. Because there's so much to be said from taking an idea, an image, and weaving a spell of words around it, so that not only will the image remain locked in my memory, but the emotion as well. Awe. Beauty. Inspiration.

Like fireflies, you can only hold onto these things for so long until their lights go out. But maybe the point is to set them free so that they can be revived, so that they can last for that forever.

Beautiful. Thanks for using your beautiful talent to create such a lasting image!

Nean said...

Ah... Susan, dear, I'm glad you like it. You inspired me with your image and your desire to capture it. :) Glad to help.

vickyb said...

But you did capture it - in words. Beautifully.