It's a Good Day

I suppose there are people out there who have more good days than bad ones.

I suppose for them, the fact that I've had a good day is hardly news-worthy or blog-worthy.

I suppose, however, that those people don't know me or understand me very well.

Today was the first truly good day I've had in at least 3-4 weeks. I've had good moments in the past month, and I've had partial good days, but today was a good day.

That's not to say I didn't struggle with anything today.

No, in fact, the same old struggles are there, lurking in this desert I'm walking through. I'm still grieving about a few things in my life, and I will be for a long time. I'm going through a huge transition and I've lost a lot recently ~ things I'd taken for granted as fixtures in my life simply aren't anymore. And yes, like most days, these things continue to cross my mind. But today they fluttered through as fond memories of blessing, rather than as the haunting specters of past treasure lost that they normally are.

I wish I could say it will always be this way from now on, but I know it will not. I still have a long way to go.

Tomorrow will come, and with it a whole new cadre of emotion and activity. And the reality of my life is that I have more bad days than good ones of late.

But that is tomorrow.

Today is today. And today is a good day. Today, I celebrate my life, my family, and the incredible gifts that I've received through the years.

And, I leave myself this note, to read later through my tears ~ a reminder that good days happen. And the sun will shine again.


Jeff said...

Well, as someone who chooses pretty definitely (defiantly?) to have more good days than bad days, I found this particular one to be quite noteworthy.

Namaste, my love.

Reboloke said...

Yay for good days! :-)

kj said...

May the good days win!