We pour out our cups
  solitary and sterile of sickly sweet grape
We each take our piece
  the body we’ve bought – tiny crackers, unbroken

“Do this in remembrance of me.”

What have we become –
  a communion of cowards?
What’s sacred in this –
  a simple scion’s snack?

“Do this in remembrance of me.”

Remember the wine –
  bittersweet broken bliss
  suffering sanguine sweat
Remember the bread –
  bared, battered, bruised, belittled
  silent solitary submission

The act of exchange –
  My life for your loss
  My loss for your love
  My love for your life

Will I choose for my brother, my sister, my friend –
Will I choose for my traitor, my betrayer, my foe –
  the one-on-one, sacred,
  the bidirectional, literal
    sacramental sacrifice?

If I can’t share the wine of your sorrow
  and the bread of your pain, your passion, your person
Then who am I to bear burden the name of the ONE
  for Whom we do THIS in remembrance?

“Do THIS in remembrance of me.”


Jason Kichline said...

That's so true. I think it is so easy to trivalize the meaning of communion. We have to remember that we are called to share in his suffering, but too often regard communion as a key to saving our own butts. What if we were the ones pouring out our lives for others like wine, and sacrificing our bodies; replacing our own pleasure for their pain?

Either way, good reflection on the meaning of communion. Let us never trivialize what Christ has done for us.

Nean said...

Oh... this is what happens when I post late at night. I forget to give proper credit. :P

This poem came out of several conversations and theological debates with a few different people. Thanks to those of you who help me work through this stuff and still love me (even when I border on heresy!)