Melancholic Mistletoe Musings

So, today began the official "Christmas Get Together Marathon" for us.  

Today was spent with our kids, my parents, and my BFF and her hubby & daughter at our house.  It was a nice laid back sort of day with lots of food and random geekiness (playing with new computer gadgets & software, Little Man's new WiiMusic game, and a round of "Lord of the Rings" game that hubby got several years ago for Christmas and rarely gets to play).

Tomorrow is the gathering of my husband's family.  We go to his parents' place and enjoy more merriment and tons of food (despite the fact that the ice storm earlier this week prevented my m-i-l from making her pre-holiday grocery run).  One of my brother-in-laws will be there ("Uncle Matt!"), hubby's uncle and aunt, his grandmothers and of course his parents.  I suspect a phone call will be made to my sister-in-law in Texas who will be celebrating with her new hubby and the other brother-in-law.  The three of them decided not to make the trip up this year.  So, it'll be like something is missing, but we'll have a good time regardless.

The next day, we get together with my brother & sister-in-law and my parents.  We're not doing our usual fondue dinner this year, but Dad's making crab cakes and I'm sure there will be the usual round of board games after dinner.

The following week will be filled with small gatherings of close friends, some of whom we see only at Christmas and on rare unexpected visits.  

And this continues through to the huge family gathering of my mom's extended family on New Year's Day.

I guess I'm having a hard time getting into the "Christmas vibe" this year.  I mean, I'm enjoying time with people that I love, don't get me wrong... but there just seems to be a lack of the "magic" that I used to feel around the holidays when I was a kid.  I'm trying hard to make sure my kids still get to experience it, but I have to wonder if I am succeeding in creating that for them.

Frankly, this year has been rough for me.  There have been a lot of tears in our house (especially lately), and those tears are definitely dampening the holiday spirit around here.  Today was a good start for us in enjoying family time together, but I know my fuse is still short, and grouchy kids (from the crazy holiday schedules and strange eating habits) aren't really helping me much.  

I'm hoping that in the next few days we can regain some of that "joy" and with that, perhaps a little Christmas magic.  I'm trying to see Christmas through the eyes of my five-year-old, but even he's feeling a bit "glazed over" with his usual winter-long respiratory ailments that make him feel miserable.

So... No matter what holiday you celebrate, this is for everyone I love (including myself), a reminder of the true magic of Christmas...

Christmas Wishes

Silence at night
   and Peace on earth 
Joy to the world 
   from Love incarnate

The warmth of True Communion
   sweetened with Forgiveness
Amazing Grace unmeasured
   a little holiday Magic

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