Writing to Remember...

Moment of Mercy

I write to remember;
I falter in forgetting
the delicate strength of you:
To me...

I run to know I'm worthy;
I hide to know you'll see...
I hurt you.

Strength within the sweetness,
Grace within your gaze,
Passion in your promise...
I hurt you.

Things you strain to tell me,
that somehow I don't hear --
Caught up in my selfishness,
and only you know why...

I hurt you.

There's nowhere else that I can go --
Nowhere left to hide --

I lose myself in you.

I see myself inside your eyes
reflecting only love,
Pure and simple
free of guilt
honest confessions

I've offered you my broken soul
in pieces at your feet;
You pull me close to hear your heart
that softly beats for me.

But if -- or when -- I question this,
'cause we both know I will,
Just bring me to this moment
and pull me closer still.


Lorraine said...

Love your poetry. So expressive. I'm looking forward to reading more.

stillsmallspace said...

Very cool.