Hit the Reset Button

Rarely does life give you a chance to reset.  Generally, it's not a matter of giving the past mistakes and drama the boot and starting over.  Those things follow you... everywhere.  They overshadow all future decisions and affect all your other interactions.

Not that this is a negative thing.  We learn from our choices.  The consequences of those decisions should serve as reminders to us not to fall in the same snares again.  We are who we are because of the experiences we have walked through.  Change just ONE thing in my life, and I wouldn't be who I am today.  Wisdom and knowledge gained from those indiscretions is invaluable.

But once in a while, we need the chance for the "Game Over" screen to appear in front of us -- the one that asks if we want to quit or continue.  We make our choice in a situation to either:
  • QUIT and walk away from something -- to just give up and decide there's nothing worth salvaging in this particular game, OR
  • CONTINUE -- to start over with the same game, the same players, the same situations -- but with a reset.  We get to go back to the "defaults," the place where our errors in judgment and the things that caused us to lose the first time around are essentially erased.  We get to try the scenario again, but this time as a player who's got knowledge of the territory having been there before, and having gained wisdom from our previous "death."
This is not a common opportunity in life.  Not everyone even has this offered to them.  But this is the weekend that I was given a reset button.  I'm starting over with the "continue" option, resetting with the same game -- and hopefully the pain and loss from the "first time around" will cause me to make better plays this time.  I'm starting with a full heart, full strength, and full energy.

Anyone wanna reset with me?

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Jason Kichline said...

This kind of goes with my one poem about New Beginnings. That's completely awesome! I also want to make a fresh start and learn from those mistakes. We are forgiven and so we can forgive. We had to remember the power of that, and how perfect love drives out all fear!

Let's go at this full force and take back what the enemy is trying to steal. Can I get an amen?