Sensing the Mystery

I see you~
   Gifting me graciously
      with diamond-studded snow drifts
         and crystal-covered branches
      with endless bouquets
         of carefully-cultivated roses
         and wildly sprawling violets
      with softly glistening moon-lit pools
         and fireflies sparkled dance
   In ribbons of romance
      of sunlight fading
      of raindrops prisming
      of multi-colored images of You
         faces of purest beauty
         incarnations of Love

I hear you~
   Whispering words
      dancing on dreams
      giggling with grace
         through childhood bliss
         escaping their lips
   Spoken through scripts
      of traditional teachings
      of fictional fantasy
      of mystical melody
      of lilting lyrical longing

I smell you~
   In antique earthy aromas
      the ground breaking in spring
      the fresh-cut grass
      spicy snaps of autumn leaves
      smoky wood-burned wonder

I taste you~
   The sweet seduction
      of salted sweat
   The burning agony
      of bitter wine
   The deep fullness
      of dark coffee

I feel you~
   In blissful breezes breathing
      with teasing tickles
         like fingers in my hair
   In sunlight's warm embrace
      softly caressing kisses
         the thrill of lover's touch

I love you~
   for this longing to know
   to feel understood
   to dwell in the question
the sweet mystery of You

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Vicky B said...

I believe this is one of my favorites. Thank you for the beauty of your words.