Post 100

This is officially my 100th post.  I feel like I should do something significant here, but really, I got nothin'.  The fact that I'm even writing a 100th post is frankly, pretty impressive to me.  I don't believe that I've stuck with any journal or writing project long enough to get to a 100th anything.  My attention span just isn't that long.

So to those of you out there, still reading my blog, thanks.  Sorry my 100th post isn't incredibly profound or awesome.  But thanks for sticking with me through the ups and downs and the craziness that is my life.

Here's to more poetry and passion to come (a little less pain would be preferred).


kj said...

Happy Hundredth Post!
Keep'em coming

Vicky B said...

Here's to your first 100! And looking forward to the next 100.

Anonymous said...

Sign up to win my give away for your 100th post...maybe you'll win!!