Wordless Intercession

 (For my band)

Cares carried heavenward
   from fretting fingers ~
 the empathic prayers 
        on wordless 

Never regretting
Nor wanting

Chorded cadence from
Mesmerized muse


Your soul is incarnated
   in the melody
Your spirit caressing
     the perfect pitch

The heartbeat of heaven
  faithfully lost
   in the rhythm

Of requests
   unsung aloud
I cannot stand


But your strings~
They pull me~
   from the unworthiness to love
   from the unholiness to peace

They carry me 
   the pleading

To find
  the answers I seek~
  and, for those answers,
the questions I need


Jason Kichline said...

Oh wow. This is amazing! I love this poem. It's so heart felt and explains what it's like to communicate so clearly in soul language through music. Well done! I especially love the part about "pull me with your strings"... perfect.

Bipolar Pastor's Wife said...

It is beautiful. I was reading your profile and I so feel like you do about finding yourself. I struggle with this also. It is so good to know that I'm not the only christian with this issue. But to me you are your poetry. You are your songs. I don't know you but they are so personal and so real. I can't help to think that those are you.