She met him at the bar
for an extra-dirty martini
drowning in

He looked in her eyes~
outwardly normal;
internally fatal~
while stirring whiskey in his coffee

She glanced aside
and then ignored
his permanent state
of denial

His words dripped slowly
with the honey consistency
of sweetened condensed milk:
"You serious about this?"

She considered
the moment
before nodding consent

to his inevitable
tearing reply:
babies are so...
is all."

The silence screamed
things she wouldn't say

and since nothing
was drying anyway
she downed her martini
and mutely walked away.

Thanks to my collaborators for providing random phrases for this poem (whether they knew it or not). I'm nothing without my friends! (Jeff, Ami, Jason, Glennda, Jessie, Kirsten, Melanie, Eric, & Cat)

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Jason Kichline said...

Love it! It's like a story in a poem and sets up a wonderful plot.