To Us

(for Susan)

To memories saved
connections craved
and hearts unscathed

For freedom
the right to rebel

To beautiful surroundings
and echos resounding
amid the confounding

For loyalty
and universal trust

To life in the now
and not knowing how
to accept what's allowed

For transience
and deep recognition

To hopes yet undreamt
future moments unspent
without the smallest regret
or bitter resent

1 comment:

twenty(or)something said...

Nean, I love this poem. And no, not just because it's "for me" ;) I love it because it rings true to not only our friendship, which has meant so much to me these past few months, but of friendships in general. It speaks of everything beautiful in a friendship, about what it means to love and value another person for who they are, of those shared moments where you connect.

Aristotle says friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies. Sometimes, that's exactly right.

Beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing it!