Checking the Score

Today's score is:
  • Universe/Fate: 10
  • Nean: 0
Let's break that down, shall we?
  1. Didn't finish my coffee this morning (ruined it by adding too much syrup which made it disgustingly sweet AND curdled the creamer).
  2. Little Man is home with pinkeye (and doesn't feel sick enough to stay in bed, but isn't well enough to DO anything).
  3. Baby Girl is incredibly whiny and doesn't know what she wants or needs (and is fighting a cold so I'm sure she doesn't feel well).
  4. Have no desire to eat today, but get scolded when I don't.
  5. Computer overheats when I try to work on projects.
  6. Gmail/Gtalk is down.
  7. Called by doctor's office to reschedule a highly unnecessary and LONG appointment (for tomorrow) for the third time.
  8. Headachey.
  9. Tired.
  10. Irritated.
Hmmm... Wonder who's winning.

My sneak attack to retaliate? Hot chocolate, a nap, and/or a creative outlet... OH... and friends and family who understand and love me anyway.

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