On the Dangers of our Library System

There's something that's really been bugging me recently. I'd say for at least 3~4 years now (minutes actually, but who's counting?). It's this library thing.

Does no one see that the entire library system is nothing more than a back~door entry into the socialism that is slowly creeping over our nation, infecting the minds and hearts of America's innocent children?

First off, let me just point out how early this indoctrination begins. Turn on PBS and note that in between any of the kids shows, you will see advertisements encouraging you to READ to your children, to instill a LOVE for this reading thing, and to TAKE YOUR CHILD TO A LIBRARY. There are entire shows dedicated to enforcing this idea. And it's insidious. You see the "top~down" agenda here, right?

I give you "Between the Lions," which you might assume to be fairly blatant, but most parents see it as nothing more than a cute family of lions who just happen to live in a library, and tells cute little stories. Surely there is no hidden agenda there, right?

Even beyond this, however, are shows like "Reading Rainbow" (no longer on the air, of course, because someone, somewhere, must have seen it for what it truly was), a show that makes books so enticing to our children that they NEED to run out to their public library and get them. And of course, there is Sesame Street, just one of the many "literacy" programs available to children. I quote "literacy" here to emphasize its use as merely a euphemistic term for shows created to cover up the library system's hidden agenda.

And what is this "hidden agenda?" Why, it's fairly obvious that our nation's librarians must be stopped in their plot to make the educated tax~payers purchase books and learning resources for the lazy slackers who can't even get their own.

If people want to read, they should be prepared to pay for their own books. They are cheating the publishers, the authors and illustrators, and those of us who spend our hard~earned cash to purchase said books. Why should I have to be the one to support the reading practices of an entire community of people just because I am a literary minded individual who believes in the value of books in learning? Why should my tax money have to go to pay for their unwillingness (or inability) to buy their own books.

The "flaming liberals" who actually donate their time, money, and even used books to the library system make me sick. Seriously, the concept of people VOLUNTARILY donating books to the library system implies that they feel there's some merit in participation in this socialist structure. These are not the free~market thinkers we want to model ourselves after.

And this leads me to my next point. Just think of how this will hit bookstore sales, and places like amazon.com! How many millions of people will be out of jobs when we truly understand that libraries are making book sellers into an antiquated and expensive method of obtaining one's books? I mean, seriously, who's gonna buy books, if they can just read them for free?

But really, everyone knows that if you can't afford to buy your own books, then you obviously have no right to read them, right? Because, if they REALLY wanted them, they'd find a way to pay for them. They'd get jobs! They'd work harder! They don't need a "government~run" system to have the privilege to read for free. Why should we make them publicly available when the rest of us have to actually PAY for ours.

Don't EVEN get me started on what will happen if illegal aliens in our country get their hands on the books that I help pay for. I can't even THINK about that.


Jason Kichline said...

Libraries are just another example of how big government can be outright dangerous. First of all, they take my taxes for something I don't even use! Then, they demand that I create offspring to fill their libraries with new converts. What a crock!

What I cannot stand for is the "sign of the beast" type of control they exert over us! They make you sign up for a library card. Not only can you not obtain books without this card (can I get an amen here?), but they also profile you by what books you borrow! They, and they alone control the flow of information to the masses and must be stopped.

So down with libraries I cry! Down with these communistic, narcissistic, monopolistic, literacy-promoting dogma and propaganda. They fill our children's heads with nonsense like that we are all "equal". What kind of anti-American crap is that? If you want to read, get a job and buy some books. Of course, you can get a bible for free from the Gideons. That is a good way to start reading.

You preach it sister. Let these socialist pigdogs know whose boss!

Jeff said...

Daaaaag... Powerful stuff, and I love the parallels! You rock! Btw, this was sarcasm, right? ;)

Nean said...

As a former librarian, I know this scheme first~hand. I can't imagine why anyone could possibly be okay with this obviously socialist program; I mean working in a SCHOOL library is even worse, as we were expected to actually TEACH the kids to assist each other in researching and in being good scholars and free~thinkers... WHAT was I thinking to ever get involved in that? I've repented of being a part of this highly dangerous system. That's the REAL reason I quit my job as a librarian.

kj said...

I am so glad that somebody is finally exposing this insidious plot!
I'll call Fox News and see if I can get you a spot on...say the Glen Beck show...to make this more public.