One Lovely Blog Award

Vicky Burkholder, writer of fantasy and paranormal romance, awarded me the "One Lovely Blog Award," and I would like to thank her (and the academy and... oh... wait, wrong award). I am honored to be a part of this apparently long running tradition.

In following with the tradition of One Lovely Blog, I hereby pass this award along to Susan:an artist of words, an explorer of beauty, and a friend of the heart and soul. This award is for her personal blog as well as for her writing blog: Typescript ~ which exists to encourage and assist writers by providing writing prompts, book giveaways, and the occasional first person author's anecdote. Her words and her friendship have been invaluable to me. Thanks, Susan!

For the second part of the award, I'm supposed to tell you ten things about myself you might not know, so here goes:
  1. I play the flute, but haven't done so in public for years (aside from a brief moment of insanity in the past year where I actually brought it out to play during a rehearsal for the worship band that I sing with).
  2. I design jewelry, both in real life and in Second Life. I haven't sold much (in either place), but I enjoy the creative challenge of both.
  3. For my birthday, freshman year in college, my brother bought me the super~mega~deluxe box of Crayola crayons and some coloring books. It's what I asked for. I still love to color and it's one of my favorite past-times. I am a Crayola snob and don't like to use any other crayons.
  4. I've never really learned to roller skate or swim. I can survive at either, but it's just not pretty.
  5. My children are the only grandkids on both sides of the family, which makes for interesting holidays and birthdays.
  6. My first job was, "Would you like to supersize your value meal?"
  7. I have been outside the country three times, but never to a non-English speaking country. I could however, get by in most countries that speak romance languages.
  8. When my husband first suggested we watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I thought he had lost his marbles. I have now seen nearly every episode at least a half dozen times, and quote it frequently.
  9. I know the difference between American Sign Language and Signed English, and have been nearly fluent in both at one time or another.
  10. I have friends in every continent of the world except Antarctica, but I sure do love penguins!

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