You Think You Know

The sky I was born under
was mysteriously calm
as if holding its breath
awaiting the sound
of whatever I turned out to be

In broad daylight
with the moon overhead
the stars awaited their fall

For some time later
the planets would align
under differing orders
than this

It was time then and now
as the seasons just changed
over and over they found
something amiss
in the clouded clear sky
opening slowly to flame


"You think you know, what's to come, what you are. You haven't even begun." ~ Tara in "Restless" (Buffy, season 4)

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Ferodaktyl said...

You'll know when you'll know
That's something amiss,
Sometimes a flame,
Sometimes a kiss.

Sometimes from now
the planets aligned
will register a miss.

In the darkest night, at mid-hour,
blood moon arises
empowers with magic
the older odd races
under the bloody sky
of the odder old faces.