It's like holding on to that old junkyard cab
with the rust covered hubs
and ripped up mats
and cracker crumbs left from the nineties

It's time to let go of the things from the past
regardless of the coins in the seats
What are they worth when it comes down to it?
Small pieces of copper, green and sticky with age ~
if they're no longer useful to you
why would you pocket them afraid to let go?

Time to dig in that closet
evict all the dust bunnies
throw out the clothes you've outgrown
that beat-up old hat with visor that's ripped
that no one will ever wear

Go find something new
something more relevant and valid
something that's fitted and tailored to you
because the truth lies buried
under all that junk that's been shoved away
stuffed there simply because
it doesn't belong anywhere else

And as you grow and change
you'll do this again,
many times over and over
because to stay is to stagnate
just like the mold growing on worthless coins

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