I'm tired of only talking
when the future doesn't wait
for you and I to decide it's time
to take the world head-on

We all agree that famine's awful
and that starving people die
but it doesn't feed one single child
as we place our reservations
since no one wants to wait

Innocence trolls the darkest night
and never truly sleeps
simply because we feel disgusted
by the fact that men can play with her
all night for just a quarter

Homeless children bathe in mud
and dress in cast-off rags
because we have to buy new shoes
to match our manicures

Disease goes on a killing spree
leaving widows and orphans behind
all because we can't stop fighting
over who deserves insurance
or which doctor we prefer

The door is open where you stand
and the world awaits your entrance
will you offer what you can
or pretend to cry and run?


Prompt: You're standing in a doorway. (from A Writer's Book of Days)

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