Lessons in Life and Love

Chill Winds of November
   for the last pepper

Once carefully tended

   on sparkled-sun kisses
   love from gray-black skies
   under careful caresses
   and softly babbled nothings

Once growing full and healthy
   with ripening beauty
   and long-held promises
   of full-life potential

Now reduced to nothing
Just a red, shriveled heart
   imposed on barren earth
Growth of love long past
   still it holds on

To something long dead

1 comment:

Jason Kichline said...

I absolutely love this poem. I first I didn't realize the initial object you were describing, which made the poem that much more introspective. Wow. Then I saw the thing you were describing and re-read it. Double wow. And then I thought about the parable of the fruit left on the dead vine entering winter in regards to my own life and was blown away. Very nice!