Tough Questions

Seeing Kisses

            For My Little Man


He opens his mind and looks right through me,

Sitting with silent tears falling on broken dreams

“Mommy,” he breathes from somewhere beside me

“Why can’t we see kisses?”


Annoyed, I pretend not to hear

His innocent question outside himself

So caught up in myself and my pain


“Mommy…” he persists, “Mommy!”

“Yes, Little One?” I answer wearily.

Then God opens his mouth and he asks me again,

“Why can’t you see my kisses?”


Stunned, I stop and look at my child.

“I don’t know, Love,” I finally answer,

“But I see them when I look at you.”


kj said...

Such an insightful question--little ones get it. Don't they?
Beautiful response to his question as well!

Lorraine said...

What an absolutely beautiful piece of poetry!