Romance & Raindrops

So, I had a horrible week, yesterday in particular.  The icing on the cake was my hubby having to spend an extra hour+ at work yesterday afternoon.  So when life hands me lemons, I chose to make a romantic evening out of it.

Last night, we had a date night.  The kids have been cranky this week so they were both in bed by 7:30 (as much for mommy as for them) and I created an impromptu date for me and hubby here at home.  'Twas nice.  Got out the good dishes and champagne glasses (sans champagne, but it didn't matter).  Lit a few candles, started up the iTunes and created a Genius! romantic list.  We ate, we sang, we danced, we laughed, we cried (well I did at least), we talked and we just spent time together, something we both sorely needed.  It was one of the most romantic evenings we'd had in a while, and it was nice to remember who we were and what we meant to each other.

Today, we had a birthday celebration for our November birthdays at Jeff's aunt & uncle's place in Perry Country.  The trip is usually less than hours, but it's mountainous, and by the end, I'm always sick.  It was amazing however as we were headed out.  It was warm outside, but raindrops pattered out a semi-percussive beat on the windshield, brightly colored leaves painted a brilliant portrait against the gray clouded sky, and melancholic music filled the car.  I sat in the back with our son snuggled up next to me and our daughter sleeping soundly on the other side of him.  It was a brief moment of familial perfection that made me deliriously content... even if for only a few moments this morning.


Anonymous said...

Awww. That's sweet. :-)

kj said...

What a fabulously creative idea for a romantic evening! Glad you had fun.