Pajama Holiday

I've been fighting a combination migraine/headache off and on all week.  It's enough to make me wanna scream, whine, cry, and run away.  Needless to say, I'm a little miserable this week.  

Then, yesterday afternoon, Little Man came down from afternoon Quiet Time complaining that his ear hurt.  At first I took it for an attention ploy on his part, as I've been preoccupied with doing... well... NOTHING this week.

As the afternoon wore on however, it became obvious that he was seriously not faking the pain and discomfort.  He would randomly wince in pain and spent the afternoon alternating between pushing me away and begging me to give him "mommy snuggles".  He wanted warm drinks, but didn't want to drink them until they were cold.  

To make a long story short, we took him to the doctor last night and he has an ear infection (duh!).  So, after an irritating trip to get antibiotics (the CVS drive-thru is anything but convenient; skip it and go to Giant!), we brought him home, gave him his new meds and some ibuprofen, and put him to bed.  He cried several times during the night and needed to be snuggled to calm down (he suffers night terrors when he's sick).

All of this led me to the conclusion that today should be a pajama holiday in our house.  My head still hurts and he's obviously not going to school today.  So... we're declaring a holiday and giving ourselves a break.  

This is as much for me as for him.  I was debating which blog to post this in, as it was mostly about family.  But I put it here for one simple reason.  I'm using this as a reminder to myself that it's okay to take a vacation when I need one.  

I've been really hard on myself lately: feeling bad for my utter lack of productivity this week, feeling like a less than adequate mother because I haven't been spending as much time with the kids this week, feeling like a bad wife because I haven't felt much like talking to my hubby out of sheer exhaustion by the time he gets home from work, even feeling like a bad friend because of my own self-absorption.

I don't do sick very well.  I tend to get all down on myself when I'm sick (as if I had any control over it).  I'm hard on myself all the time, but I think today is a good day to remember that it's okay to fail occasionally.  That a pajama holiday is necessary for my sanity (and my family's) every once in a while.

And really... who doesn't love pajamas when they don't feel well?


melanie said...

pajamas at noon are good for the soul, unless you're like me, and need to actually wear REAL clothes once in a while. :)

hope you all feel better soon!

kj said...

NEVER feel guilty for taking a pajama day. Think of it as a mental health day for all. Pajamas, books, hot chocolate--life is good.