Someone Help Me Understand

Watch the video, please before reading the rest of this blog: Prop 8 Special Comment

I really need someone, anyone, to respond to this for me.  These are the same questions I ask.  I don't want rhetoric.  I don't want pat answers.  I don't want to be fed a party line or a religious creed.  I want to know why/how one can justify such hatred and intolerance with scripture.  If the bible is what you believe is your standard for measurement of action and motive, show me chapter and verse.  I want an intelligent conversation.  

Any personal attacks will NOT be posted.  I want real honest answers.  Because seriously people, these are the issues that matter and they are the issues that cause me to really struggle.  This is where I have no desire to be associated with "Christians".  And this is only one issue.

Please, someone help me understand.


Jeff said...

No answers here. Just the exact same questions. Bravo to Mr. Olbermann.

DebC said...

Like Jeff, I have no answers. The whole thing makes my heartache.

Jason Kichline said...

What we are seeing is a reversal of the church, not a true church. In fact, what is done with women's and gay rights fronts are exactly what the Pharisees would have perfected in Jesus' day... Looking to scripture and oral tradition to justify punishment under the law.

But of course, Jesus brought a different message. Isaiah wrote "they claim to know God, but their hearts are far from me" (Isaiah 29:13)

These folks need to take a serious read from Romans 7. I believe the crux is this. People sin, the law (bible) reveals sin, and God chooses to love us with His grace and mercy, and we are called to be the conduit of that grace, mercy and peace (3 John). We are not called to judge or avenge. (Romans 12:19). We are called to teach and admonish BELIEVERS.

So the church is inside out and bass ackwards. It is trying to admonish non-believers with hateful means and worship God with their lips. They make each other feel holy on Sunday and lack admonishment from the pulpit. And then we all stand around and wonder why the church is powerless. RTBM.

stillsmallspace said...

The video is mellow-dramatic to me; at best. No one is ruining their chance for love. Their relationship has not changed because of a law or lack there of. Yes marriage to a black man was illegal but did that stop it? Quite simply – no.

To be honest, I am offended every time someone tries to make a historical link from black to gay. From racial slavery to a chosen lifestyle. Try to change your color and then ask what a choice is.

If you're in support of gay marriage you will have to have patience. Changing a culture takes more than one generation...

Nean said...

Thanks for the input, Becky. My problem is that I'm frustrated because everyone approaches this with emotion and hatred. That is the link to the racism. People deal with discrimination in the same way, regardless of what or who the discrimination is against.

The problem is that there are gay couples who have been legally married under California law and are now suddenly NOT married. What if our country decided to repeal all marriages to black men in this country. Where does that leave you and Shawn after having been happily LEGALLY married for several years?

I appreciate where you are coming from. I do think there is a huge difference.

I'm saying that if a couple wants to be married to one another and can commit themselves solely to one another, it's still better than random sleeping around no matter what gender said participants of the relationship happen to be.

And I'm still looking for a Christ-like answer to the intolerance issue in our country. Regardless of what you think of the video itself, or the views expressed therein... I'm still waiting for answers to those same questions raised.

stillsmallspace said...

I'm married to Shawn whether anyone else wants to recognize it or not. Period.