God's Face

I've stared in wonder
   countless nights
      whispering wordlessly
"What does God look like?"

Because he's the only one who knows
At least here
   in this room
      in this hour
         this night

He's been there
   not so very long ago
Gazing in her eyes
Drinking in her soul

Before the time 
   he came to me
He lived with her
I know

She held his tiny soul in hers

He knows her more 
   than I can ever dare to hope
so I ask him now to tell me
because without his words 
   yet fully formed
      he understands 
         far more
            than I 

So we whisper and I write them down
   the secrets he shares of her

Because time will pass and he will grow
He'll crawl and walk and run
He'll talk and read and know

The earthly wisdom he'll attain
   will make his soul forget
      the things he knows so clearly now

And I long to re-inspire


Reboloke said...

This poem's beautiful :-)

kj said...

Nice--very nice!