Grandpa's Legacy

Tired and worn

   from history’s abuse

More often than not

   in the way

The ugly


      green-checked gold

From far away

   looks dingy



The eyesore

   that it’s come to be

With every move,

   sheds random parts

Like memories

   slowly fading

      in time

From slipping minds,

   but not from hearts


It stands a memorial,

   solemnly holding

The feelings

   and thoughts

      we can’t


Although it’s decrepit

   and falling apart

Its dismissal

   we couldn’t




   this piece

      becomes something of


Keeping his stories

   from life

      and from war

Softly comforting,


      and warm


   of the man with love

      gone before


Nean said...

Valentine's Day is coming and it marks a manufactured holiday that is used to promote commercialism and false illusions of love and romance. It also marks the anniversary of the passing of a great man, a man who belongs to me only through marriage, and yet, I claim as my last grandfather. He died several years ago now, but his chair remains in my home. I hate the chair and frequently beg my husband to let us get rid of it... but it's recently become the place I sit. 'Twas inspiring enough to write a poem. Hope you get just a brief glimpse at the man who was the TRUE inspiration for this poem. I can never do him justice. We miss you, Grandpa.

Reboloke said...

This is beautiful and touching. I love the way you express the attachment of memories and sentimental value to something that's other wise worthless and even ugly. ~hugs~