Simple Gifts

Sometimes I'm given a gift.  Sometimes I'm given lots of gifts.  Sometimes one after another after another.  Today was not one of my better days, but it was a day of gifts:
  • I know who my friends are.  They're not always who I expect them to be.  And I don't always see them immediately, but they are there, and I know they care.  They've got my back and I know that when it comes down to it, there are at least a dozen people who'd fight or die for me if necessary... maybe more.
  • I know who my love is.  I'm not always the most reliable person in his life, despite the fact that I should be.  But he's there -- always.  And tonight he gave me a particularly magnificent gift as well.
We looked out the window about a half an hour ago.  The world was covered in a surprise (to us at least) blanket of snow.  We stood in awe at the window for a moment, just staring at the beautiful gift we'd been given.  And then...  my husband flung open the door hoisted me onto his back (without shoes or coat of course) and went running out into the snow.  

A simple gesture, yes... But it was more than that to me.  It was, for us, a "conversation" we'd been avoiding for the past ... however long it's been.  It's hard to explain without giving far more detail than is appropriate in a public forum like this.  Suffice it to say, however, that simple gesture was the greatest gift of spontaneous romance I could have received from him tonight.  

"It's okay... it really is.  I love you, and that will never change."


Nean said...

Wow... after seeing the weather report on the news this morning, I feel even more honored by my gift of snow last night. We got a foot overnight of "flurries"... yep... no one knew this was coming. :) No wonder my FB friends in the county were baffled! The system stalled over my town apparently, and most of the county got nothing more than flurries.

~feeling incredibly loved this morning~

Nean said...
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kj said...

Wow! That sounds like something you'd see in a movie. Hero brings heroine into the soft, white, fluffy snow like that. Very poetic.
And this snow...just what I've been wanting. Beautiful!