Truth for Today...

I found myself counseling a young person today over IM.  It seems odd to me that God chooses to bring people into our lives to be mirrors for us.  To show us ourselves and our struggles, and give us a chance to see ourselves from the outside.  And then (beautiful grace this is:), God allows us to listen to ourselves say things to these people that we need to hear for ourselves.  

So here is my "Truth for Today."  May it be truth for you too:
  1. God made you IN HIS IMAGE; you are BEAUTIFUL because of that.
  2. You are a child of the KING OF THE UNIVERSE; you are ROYALTY because of that.
  3. Jesus Christ calls you his FRIEND, FAMILY, and LOVER; you are PRECIOUS because of that.
  4. God is LOVE; You are LOVED because of that.
  5. Jesus came to bring ABUNDANT LIFE; You are ALIVE and FREE because of that.
Some days life just sucks.  There's no way around that.  We live in a crappy world.  But we are what we choose to believe we are, so we can choose to believe the negative stuff (the lies of Satan to be overly "religious") or we can choose to take hold of what the God of TRUTH says about us.  (S)He made us... (S)He should know.

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kj said...

Well said, Nean. You go girl!