They told her she's lucky
To thank God; she's blessed
  But she's lonely and scared
  Not a single soul cares
She's on her own now
But no one would guess

She won't be like her
That vow she'll keep
  This life now inside
  Wanting to hide
Many nights wishing
She'd die in her sleep

The years of the fighting
Were better than this
  The curses and screams
  Meant more than it seemed
For long before apathy
Pained anger was bliss

Caught in this cycle
Of neglected torment
  Head in her hands
  She can't understand
This choice of a "life"
Better left unspent

She swears to do better
Choosing what it means
  Her name is called
  So she travels the hall
Her choice is solid
She'll silence her screams

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