sun-kissed toes 
in glittering gloss
dancing with daffodils
massaged by the moss

slapping hot pavement 
with calloused soles
tickling the tendrils
in green grassy knolls

a celebration of summer
before end of spring
a small glimpse of freedom
just one step will bring


Reboloke said...

I was so wishing I could have been barefoot when I had the kids out earlier, but sadly I have to wear shoes at work. At least it was a really nice day out.

Jason Kichline said...

I love it! I need to go barefoot more often. Seriously. It's how we come in contact with the amazing creation that God has made. I always loved at camp walking on the stones and feeling the pain and trying to control and overcome. It sounds sick, but I just loved feeling one with my environment.

Nean said...

Hee... One of my favorite things to do is see how long I can handle standing on hot blacktop in July and August. I'm weird like that. And I barely notice walking on stones anymore.