Cool in Love

You wanna know one of the coolest things that I love to see?  Love in action.  

Tell me you haven't watched an elderly couple walk down the street hand in hand, leaning on their walkers...  He's still old-fashioned enough to open a door for her and she's still old-fashioned enough to let him.  They sit in the nursing home together and just stare into one another's eyes because it's all they have energy left to do... but the stories in those glances could blow you away.  

I'm not naive enough to truly think that every couple that I see like this has been together their whole lives, and in today's society particularly, it's quite possible, that these two veteran lovers may even be on a first date.  But...  it's more fun for me to believe they're still together after all those years.

It was sad to me that at my sister-in-law's wedding last summer, the couple that had been married the longest were my mother & father-in-law.  They were celebrating their 35th anniversary and that's spectacular; I agree...  But I remember as a kid going to 50th, 60th, 70th anniversary parties -- and even a 75th!

I wanna be one of those... I want you all to be there for my 25th & 50th anniversary party.  And hopefully, you'll all still be around for my 75th (because I don't want to think about any of you being gone)!  

Hubby and I just celebrated year 10 last summer... and we're about to hit 11.  There are days I think we're lucky to have made it this far, but we have just enough of a sense of humor and enough commitment and love to make it.  I can already stare in his eyes and see a million stories... and I know there are millions more to come.

Oh, one more thing, falling in love... it's even more fun the 2nd, 3rd, 4th time or more with your love!


DebC said...

I know the feeling, Nean. Steve and I are going on 13 this year and were the only ones of his siblings still married to the same person. Long term relationships, even marriages, are not the same any more.

Here's hoping we both (you & Jeff and me & Steve) make it to our 50th or 75th anniversaries. *crosses fingers for the love that endures and weathers all of life's storms*

vickyb said...

As one of that couple married 35 years, I can honestly say that love never gets old. It may change, as you do, but if the ties are strong, it will last. As the saying goes: "Come, grow old with me. The best is yet to be." And it's true.