The Point

   (for Eb ~ who is beautiful)

She looks at me with tears in dark eyes
Thinking I can't see her heart
I can.

She wants to go
From pointless life
She thinks there's nothing here
There is.

     It's this:
       Be innocent ~ a child in Daddy's lap
       Be art ~ images of Grace and Mercy
       Be incarnate ~ representation of Love and Beauty
       Be creative ~ painter of Glory and Awe
       Be observant ~ a student of Life
       Be fulfilled ~ the lover of Christ

She fights the "impossible"
And she's tired of the struggle
She doesn't know how
To be all of those things
It's simple.

Just BE the beautiful woman you were created to be.
You are. 

1 comment:

vickyb said...

You are all of these and more. You, like your words, are beautiful.