Chocolate Mint Martini

Friendly banter
In echoes grant her
Familiar tunes
drifting under the moon

Buy a drink and then linger
Lick syrup from my fingers
Savor every last drop...
Nothing wasted, don't stop

Dancing souls ascend
In an intimate blend
A step beyond comfort
A step toward more effort

Clock strikes ten
Peaceful cloud descends
Stilled solace caresses
Lost in what's blessed

Loud laughter releases
As volume increases
If he'd get the joke
I'd share in your smoke

Sweet ending to day
Knowing life is okay
No need to define
Just knowing you're mine


Jason Kichline said...

So I take it that you like Chocolate Mint Martinis thien eh?

Robbo said...

Great poem, especially considering the challenge of typing on an iTouch after the drink! I'm glad we could share the evening with you. Still pondering the joke-smoke bit, though...

Nean said...

Choc-Mint Martini's from AB is like heaven in a glass, J.

And yeah... Jeff says he didn't get the smoking line either. Oh well... Maybe it's an inside joke. LOL

kj said...

They make some kicking martinis at AB's. Haven't had the pleasure of a chocolate mint though. Glad you liked it:)
Hmmm.... joke smoke? Dare I ask?