The Curtain Descends

  (for the Calypso Stage)

I can't watch anymore but I'm always here
it's just... seeing you cuts my heart
The play continues for all of you
But I have lost my part

"Come talk to us," you taunt afar
But words I give
   ...unscripted and true
You turn to knives
Twisted under my skin

It was never that I ceased to speak
I countered every line...
It was more the staging that I missed
And usually said too much

I trusted you and called you friends
And this is where it ends.

I wanted 
   to know you
   to love you
   to be you

But I've reread the script 
   and taken my cue
Seen the plot resolved

I'm still back here
   alone in the wings
Awaiting your grand entrance

But I guard myself...
   my love...
   my words...
I took a part not meant for me

Your applause 
   was shallow 
      at best

So I gave you your show
Spent my time in the lights
I'll leave the encore to you...

I make my bow, and sweep the house
And finally leave the stage.

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