Absolute Abandon

   for my man and his baby

her eyes glow when he smiles
directly at her

she gasps at his voice
cheeks straining to beam
releasing giggles of glee
as she climbs on his lap
flinging herself back to laugh
knowing he'd never let her fall

she tosses arms around him
with ticklish abandon
fingers tangling in his hair
nuzzling her face in his chest

she knows his smell
the sound of his heart
his breath on her forehead
as she bestows on his chest
innocent kisses of complete adoration

for the rest of her life
every man's touch will
be held against this
forever compared to this utter devotion
the special place she holds in his heart

as she'll always be
her daddy's girl

1 comment:

kskronicles said...

That is so beautiful...! And so very truthful.