Standing on His Head

   (for my Little Man who's grown too fast)

There's little more important
   than these microscopic blips
And teasing giddy giggles 
   from innocent lips

Bounces on my bed jolt me awake
   at ungodly early hours of morning
But the scene shifts to sneaking in
   from ungodly hours of exhausted folly

Frustrated by his two-wheel bike
   Desperately straining to balance
Makes me want to hide the car keys
   Desperately straining to stall him

Endless babbles shatter silence
   spilling his random thoughts
Certain someday, I'll beg him to talk
   spilling his passionate dreams 

Macaroni necklaces made
   for world's most beautiful mommy
traded for gold and diamond
   for the world's most beautiful hand

His beautiful boyish words arranged
   teasing me with jokes and rhymes
rearranged for her someday
   teasing her with sweet syllables

This time goes too fast 
   and I wish I could slow it
But for now, I have little choice 
   but to cherish every moment


vickyb said...

Awwww - so beautiful and so true. Thank you for the memories.

FaithAnneLove said...

Wow, such amazing imagery! I loved every word.

I have posted more blogs, though I haven't added to the one you follow. Still, there is one dedicated to writers (Unique Searches, Part 3)