Bianca walked in on a conspiracy~
the kind of conspiracy 
that everyone assumed
was no more than mere theory
but they would be wrong
because this one 
had obviously grown up
beyond a doubt
previously hidden 
in smooth silk stockings
now strewn on the floor
having already bedazzled
the world with a knock-out 
beauty and grace
and the darkness she'd buried
deep beneath her surface
now lying naked and exposed


Susan said...

Wonderful poem! I love how you took an intriguing line and created a poem, a story, around it. I especially love how you say "the kind of conspiracy/that everyone assumed/was no more than mere theory/but they would be wrong." This line is so haunting and I think really applies to human nature and our natural assumptions. It offers the feeling that there is something darker going on.

For me this poem has both a sense of that something darker as well as an exposed vulnerability; I love how you capture that in just a few lines.

Beautiful job; thanks for sharing!

Susan said...
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