(contemplating the end)

reveling in the irrelevant
   revelation disregarded
eroding the end
   as escapist endeavor

pretending we're god, we garner paranoia

choosing confusion
   confounding the chaos
apocalyptic apologies
   and anarchist agendas

release today to timeless reality

future unfolding
   fearlessly flourishing
protecting our present
   purposefully preferring 

intuitive obscurity from obvious illusions

defining our death
   with destructive divorce
arrogance afforded
   among adolescence

chosen in rebellion by restless children


We need to live today as an "ongoing enduring reality", and stop wasting time pining for the end of it all.  Make the most of the life you've been given.  Regardless of appearances, the kingdom of God CANNOT be stopped and is in true reality already here.  Live in this ultimate reality -- the future is NOW.  Be an "outpost of heaven", a foretaste of the true reality as God intended. (Thanks, Jo Ann, for the reminder.)

And just for fun: "...all we have is now; all we've ever had is now..." ~Flaming Lips 

(Carpe Diem!)

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