There's something sweet
in the simple gift
of the moss green 
long sweater
worn for a while 
by a friend of a friend
someone I hardly know
and yet...

This sweater holds
the memories of her
and the cares she held
as it held her
in those moments

Now it holds me
with long soft arms
warm and gentle
clinging to me
with comforting favor

Casting stark silhouette
to hug where I need it
left free when I don't
and it holds me together
when I come undone


twenty(or)something said...

This poem reminds me so much of my grandmother -- she had a white cardigan sweater that she always used to wear that I found after she had passed. There was a lot of comfort in that sweater, a lot of her. Funny how a simple object can hold so many memories and provide such comfort.

I love how you take simple moments and objects and fill them with such imagery and emotion. This poem is beautiful and brings back a lot of memories.

Thank for that, and thanks for sharing it :)

vickyb said...

At one time, I hated hand-me-downs. But as I've grown more mature, I've learned to appreciate them more. Your poem shows me why. We should appreciate the memories that come with them. Your words show us why. Thank you.

Reboloke said...

I still love this poem as much as the first time I read it :-)