Ghost Town

Wispy wind whirling
Tipsy time twirling

The wraithlike remnants
   of relived lives
   and deathly dreams
   of abandoned apathy

I haunt them now
   wanting to know
Feeling so...
   unheard I disavow

Ripples rending
Breath unbending
Echos ending

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Jason Kichline said...

I love this poem. I had to read it one word at a time. Are you alluding to a feeling of repeating a past that you never lived, that perhaps our journey is all ready set our for us and we are along forbthe ride without an option to alter course? I love the word "unlived" and that resonates with me.

The last three lines took some reflection to understand. But I think the "ripples" refer to the effect of our life's actions and how that can tear us apart. And then our stubborn breath keeps going and living like the tick tock of time unyielding. The last line I couldn't determine immediately if "ending" is the noun or adjective of "echos". I think it's verb-noun form in that what we hear from our actions is heard as an ending. An ending of what?

I think I'll need to meditate on this some more. Good poems today!