Guest Poet

I'm pleased to announce my very first guest poet on my blog.  While sitting at the kitchen counter having a cup of "snowman soup" that Nana gave us, Little Man (obediently following the directions on the packet which told him to think about sunny days) started talking.  Those of you who know my son know that most of the words in this poem are his own (including "void" and "allergic") and the phrasing is all his, I just rearranged what he said into a poem to share with you all. 

Here's a little sunshine for everyone!

For the Sun
   by Little Man -- age 5
   (with a little help from Mommy)

A big, bright ball
   hanging in black void
It helps us see color
   a whole lot better
Sunny days are good
   for playing outside

On winter days
   when it's very cold
You can go in the house
   and have cocoa
Some days the sun
   is not very bright

The sun is allergic to my eyes


Jason Kichline said...

I love it! Why to go kiddo! You definitely have a talent for poetry, just to see how the sun works and it's relationship to you in a deep way. Even personifying the sun. Very cool!

kj said...

I love it...start 'em when they're young! He got a good beginning here--I'm especially intrigued with his last line.

Jason Kichline said...

I meant to say "way to go"! Yes, also intrigued by the last line.