Inauguration Day (White on White)

Sun-kissed crystals hang from trees
Soft-moon sliver silvery streams
The breath of morning rising dawn
Shines a silent promise song
Silent struggle of moon and sun
Day is here and night is done
Cleanly painted snowy white
Faintly water-colored quiet skies
Colors merge; brightness floods
Through pain that's bought with blood
The darkness gone, a new day gropes
Bitter anger silenced by hope


Nean said...

The picture is not great... but it was gorgeous when I walked outside this morning to get my morning coffee from next door. It was very inspiring. I wanted to blog something about this great day in history and didn't know how to do something original. Thank God for beautiful images first thing in the morning. :)

kj said...

Night is done--darkness gone
Wish it could be in every arena of life.
Loved the poem--loved the picture.